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2015 Now Readers Poll

Published on June 30, 2015,

If you feel inclined to vote for us!

Now Readers Poll Best Piercing Shop



Published on June 24, 2015,

We will be closed Wednesday July 1st for Canada Day….otherwise we are open regular hours the rest of the week! Happy Birthday Canada!


Dane is back for a few days to work!

Published on June 24, 2015,

If you need some work finished up or wanted to get a one-off, call or email the shop asap… He will be in the shop Monday june 29th, Tuesday June 30th and thursday July 2nd, and still has some space left!


A beautiful thank you note from happy clients!

Published on February 16, 2015,

Here’s a really nice note we received this week that really warmed our hearts…maybe it can do the same for yours on this icy Family Day (names have been changed/left out to preserve their privacy) :


Three of us came in on Friday, one of us asked for a white-ink tattoo running from her palm up to her forearm, her name was (Rebecca) I think it was Tara who ended up doing it.

I took a photo of Tara for (Rebecca) ’cause we couldn’t be more indebted to her and those at New Tribe. (Rebecca’s) been suffering from depression for the majority of her life, this past week was probably the lowest of her moments. She spent the majority of that week in the hospital after making a few suicide threats on Tuesday, and had trouble getting up and out of bed due to severe anxiety attacks. She made a promise to herself and us (the two friends she was with) to get better, and wanted a white ink tattoo that ran along her old cutting scars. She had a booking at (another local shop) made on Thursday, only to get rejected by the artist when we showed up Friday. They also said that “no artist will do it for you, you’d be hard pressed to find one in the city comfortable enough with that tattoo”. She needed that tattoo as a reminder of her promise to get better and as motivation to get up from bed and face her fears. She was on the verge of relapsing back into a depressed state when she was told that nobody in the city would do it for her.

We couldn’t be more thankful that you guys did it for her and that you did it so soon. We haven’t seen her smile like she did during and after the tattoo in over a month. She’s been doing better in these past two days. If it weren’t for you guys, she might have been in a much worse place than she is now.

Thanks a ton!”


Great article on Piercings in Fashion featuring Shayne!

Published on February 2, 2015,

Great article for FASHION Magazine on the rise in popularity and prominence of piercings in fashion by our client Erin Thibodeau, and featuring our very own Shayne Fitzgerald!



View The Vibe Magazine lists the TOP TATTOO SHOPS IN TORONTO!

Published on February 2, 2015,

Thanks for putting us on another great list of the best Toronto shops…have a look!



9 Top Toronto Tattoo Shops to Get Tattooed At!

Published on January 31, 2015,

We are honoured to be included on this list of great Toronto Tattoo Shops!




Published on January 11, 2015,

We are proud to offer earlobe piercing to children 5 years of age and older ¬†7 days/ week , accompanied by a ¬†responsible parent (obviously). Call or email the shop for details…Have your precious one pierced professionally, responsibly and safely with proper aftercare and support!





Published on December 18, 2014,

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An intersting article on the fading taboo on tattoos!

Published on December 17, 2014,


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