Ear Piercing Chart

Not sure which piercing you want next? Unsure of what your piercing is called? Check out this handy guide to ear piercings! At New Tribe Tattoo and Piercing we offer over 100 different piercings! WALK-IN ANYTIME!  

11 Famous tattoos

I made a list of 11 tattoos that stuck out in my head as tattoos that were as famous or more than the people who wear them. Tupac – Thug Life Mike Tyson – Tribal face Pamela Anderson – Barbed wire Steve-O – Steve-O Kat Von D – Eye Stars Travis Barker – Boombox Drake

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Cats out of the Bag

Wes Pratt and Mark Storey have lots of walk-in time today. Stop by the shop 12-8pm and let them make all your tattoo dreams come true! *Walk-ins are first come, first served and availability may change without notice. Side note, Stephy Mac has ALL of friday free due to a cancellation. If you have been

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