Two days ago we received a phone call from a young lady who was in obvious distress over a piercing she had received at another shop in town. She had gone to a shop to get her first ever piercing with four of her friends as support.

The shop she went to apparently didn’t have the appropriate size nostril jewellery and instead of apologizing and referring her to another shop in the city or asking her to come back in a few days when they had re-stocked their jewellery, the piercer outfitted her with a totally wrong and inappropriate and DANGEROUS piece of jewellery.

After the piercing was finished the young lady looked at herself in the mirror and was completely heartbroken about what this piercer had just done to her. She voiced her concerns about the obviously too large jewellery and the piercer and shop just basically told her “that’s what you get” and told her to beat it.

When the girl showed up at our shop she was still so upset and was covering her face. She and her 4 friends had just traveled across the city in a panic looking for anyone who would be able to switch out her freshly pierced nostril jewellery…. (99% of the time we cant and wont exchange a fresh piercing until it is fully healed after 8 weeks.) In this case we had no choice but to help this woman.

See below for example. Left side is an appropriate fitting 3/8ths nostril ring….. Right side is the exact size jewellery the other shop had put in this girls nose.


We can’t stress enough about the importance of doing your research and not always looking for the cheapest piercing. Find a shop with a great reputation and don’t be afraid to ask questions! You will have a better looking, safer, healed piercing in the end.


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