+Microblading – $350
Using a set of ultra-thin nano needles, hairstrokes are etched into the skin using vegan/organic pigments to create a very realistic, subtle and natural look.
Lasts 1-3 years (yearly touchups are recommended – see below for cost)

+Manual Shading – $400
Often added in to Microblading services to create more density  for those with very little or very light hair. Lightly fills in the sparse areas by using diluted pigment and a group of fine needles.

Powder Brow – $450
Softer, more natural shading with machine. Meant to mimic the look of light powder makeup within the hair of the natural brow.

Combo Brows
– $500

Natural hairstrokes throughout entirety of brow with soft machine shading to fill in sparse areas that require more density, OR, defined machine shading with hairstrokes added to front of brow for a slightly more natural look than full powder.

Initial Touch-up
( $50 within 90 days of procedure)

Reinforcing any areas that faded during healing and/or adding density or slight changes to original colour.

Yearly Touch-up
( $200 within 18 months)

Yearly touch-ups are not always necessary, though often a good idea to keep the colour dark and the strokes crisp. 
Any “touch-up” after 18 months is now considered another initial procedure – please keep that in mind while booking.

Henna Brow – $40

All natural, plant-derived dye that will give you the look of permanent makeup, without the commitment! Skin is tinted for 1-2 weeks, hair for up to 6 weeks.

Brow Lamination – $80

Procedure is essentially a lashlift for your brows that lasts up to 2 months! Brow hairs become easily manipulated to lay in whichever direction suits you. Clear gel and go!

Freckles/Beauty Marks

Realistic beauty marks added to face/body – healing to a soft, subtle tone.

Constellation Freckles

Beauty marks in the shape of your preferred star sign