Our staff are some of the most highly experienced artists in Toronto. With nine tattoo artists and three piercers on staff we offer a wide variety of styles and can accommodate just about any request!


Looking to get pierced? We offer over 50 types of piercings and have 3 piercers on staff ready to stick you just about anywhere, anytime.

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Artists in all styles. Choose from some of the most talented tattoo and piercing artists in Toronto! Let us bring your idea to life.

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At New Tribe our #1 priority is your wellness. Our entire staff is trained in tattoo sterilization standards as well as basic first aid.

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232 Queen Street West (Second Floor)
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5V 1Z6
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

Same great location for 28 years.

With 7 full-time Tattoo artists on staff and two Piercers, we are able to handle any tattoo or piercing request. Be it flash or custom, large or small, traditional tattoos , Single needle and fine line tattoos, tribal tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Celtic, Haida, Portraits, watercolor tattoos etc…

Our 2 body piercers are professionally trained and well versed in piercing placement, aftercare, body anatomy and physiology. They are experienced in all forms of body piercing, from mild to wild. We offer over 50 types of piercings at New Tribe including, Septum piercing, Navel piercing, Nipple piercing, Nose piercing, Daith piercing, microdermals, tongue piercing, ear piercing and many many more. If you need a piercing in Toronto CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT there is always a piercer in the shop read to help you out.

All tattoo work is done in a large tattoo studio while piercing clientele enjoy private piercing rooms. Complete privacy is also available for tattoo clients if required. Customers are always welcome to bring one friend back for moral support. We have a large, almost 5000 sq.ft. open studio space with a huge reception area complete with over 5000 pieces of flash and art.

Our friendly and knowledgeable counter staff is ready to greet you and handle all your requests. All of the artists and staff at New tribe are well trained in sterilization, cross-contamination prevention, and maintaining pristine hygienic conditions. All needles and needle-bars are single use, pre-sterilized and are collected and incinerated on a regular basis by qualified third party professionals. Bi-weekly spore tests are performed on both our autoclaves to ensure effectiveness, also by an additional qualified third party (Bi-weekly reports available for viewing on this site). Our shop is regularly inspected by the Toronto board of health and we either meet or exceed all of their standards for sterilization and cleanliness procedures (yearly reports available on this site).

At New Tribe we consider our measures and standards crucial in maintaining an environment where we can provide not only top notch work but also guarantee complete safety for both our staff and clientele. In our industry, we, at New Tribe, do not regard these as “extras”, but rather “essential measures” in ensuring both customer and staff peace of mind. We welcome all inquiries regarding sterilization procedures and are happy to offer a tour of the facilities upon request.

Conveniently located at 232 Queen st. West, We are in the heart of Toronto’s ever-modernizing Queen West district, across the street from world famous MuchMusic! DIRECTIONS

New Tribe Tattoo + Piercing STRONGLY recommend that our staff and clients get fully vaccinated, BOTH for their own protection and for that of others!”