New Tribe is equipped with a new, separate state of the art 220 sq.ft. lab-style sterilization room complete with 3 autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaner, drying/storage area as well as separate scrub/packaging area. This over sized room goes beyond any recommended safety practise requirements and is just another way we exceed minimum health practises and maintain advanced hygiene procedures, keeping us well ahead of the curve and the competition.

All of the artists and staff at New Tribe are well trained in sterilization, cross-contamination prevention, and maintaining pristine hygienic conditions. All needles and needle-bars are single use, pre-sterilized and are collected and incinerated on a regular basis by qualified third party professionals. Monthly spore tests are performed on both our autoclaves to ensure effectiveness, also by an additional qualified third party (monthly reports available for viewing below). Our shop is regularly inspected by the Toronto board of health and we either meet or exceed all of their standards for sterilization and cleanliness procedures.